Orange Tree and Mallorca

Majorca has a lot to offer. Not only sun, sand and sea, but also wonderful places and landscapes bewitch the visitor. For e.g. the numerous and fertile fruit gardens and orange ochards, covering the valleys.

The orange is a medium-sized, evergreen tree that can reach an height of up to 13 m. Originally the orange came from Southeast Asia. It is the most cultivated of all citrus fruit before tangerine and lemon and mellows best in the mediterranean climate. A round crown, oval leaves, boughs with big thorns and the white flavoursome orange blossoms characterise the orange tree. It’s fruit, the sweet orange, is typical in many regions of Majorca such as Sóller and can be consumed the whole year round due to the numerous varities.

The sight of these glorious orange fields offers a feeling of silence and balance that invites the visitor to dream.

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