Pere Seda wines in Manacor

Pere Reus Morro, called Pere Seda, started to dedicate his life to wine already at the end of XIXth century. Since then, 5 generations of winemakers have been following this family tradition and have converted the winery that carry their name to a center of most modern technologies to produce wine. Today Pere Seda in Manacor is posibly the only bodega on Majorca, where the same family has been producing wine during each and every year of the XXth and XXIst century.

130 hectares of vineyard situated between the municipality of Manacor and Felanitx deliver the necessary grapes to produce the Pere Seda wein. The bodega disposes of 2 control systems of manufacture and upbringing in order to achieve the best wine quality.

Usually the variety of autochtonal grapes are being used to produce the Pere Seda wine, such as young wines, crianza, reserva, gran reserva, and sparkling wines. To maturate the wine, oak barrels from France and United Stated are in use. The most famous and popular brands and wines of the bodega are Pere Seda, L’Arxiduc Pere Seda, Chardonnay, Mossen Alcover and Guium. Besides the traditional wine production, the bodega Pere Seda has started recently the production of sparkling wines.

The winery Pere Seda unifies the traditional with modern, but above all with the affection for an excellent wine.

Pere Seda wines in Manacor



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