Elena Gatti

Elena Gatti
Tel.: +34 971 27 60 15
Mail: info@elenagatti.com


Elena Gatti paints pictures. That’s her profession. But that’s not essential. The point is that she must paint. Her discussion between the outside world and her inner world, she translates it into images.

Images must be in the canvas. They are the language of Elena Gatti. Much of her works seem to open itselves to the surface, colors and forms spontaneously target the spectator. But it is not worth staying with the first impression but looking longer and more intensely. Only then, the beauty and bounty of her paintings begin to develop. Its beauty is reserved. Her richness must not be shown. The colors do not shine they sparkle. The message doesn’t scream. It whispers, with a quiet voice, few words, but very well made ​and often very slightly to melancholy.

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