Flor d´Ametler – the fragrance of Mallorca

Who does not know the fragrance of almond blossom? Synonymous with the “white winter” of Mallorca, the perfume is one of the best known products of the island.

In February ends the collection of the almond flowers and a process of two years begins, when most of the flowers are distilled and the most beautiful ones carefully introduced to each bottle of perfume by hand.

That´s how Perfumerias Rover have been elaborating for more than half a century these limited editiones of the traditional perfume “Flor D’Ametler”, besides different types of creams, oils and soaps, produced the same natural way.
As an exclusive gift or for own use, you will find the almond products in the best perfumeries of Mallorca – or comfortably from home in on-line shop.

Flor d´Ametler – the fragrance of Mallorca

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