Munper, largest display of leather in Inca

The best and most extensive display of leather garments and accessories in Majorca – you are in Munper, at home. The door is open. If you don´t find what you are looking for, it will be custom made for you.

A Munper garment is synonymous with style and quality, guaranteed by the careful selection of the natural leathers and the close attention paid to every detail (buttons, backstitching, fasteners, etc.). Every Munper leather garment represents an idea, an exclusive creation, and reflects part of history, tradition and culture of Mallorca.

Munper, largest display of leather in Inca



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  1. Were in Munper last October and surprised how well sorted and attended the shop is. Came by while in Inca really but bought much more than planned. Very practical because of the parking directly infront of the entrance. It´s by all means worth visiting.

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