Soller, top visit in the north

Sóller is an attractive and beguiling town in the northwest of Mallorca. Situated 3 km from the coast and it’s own port, it sits in a bowl shaped valley lush with olive trees and orange groves for which it is famous!

The valley and the mountains that surround it, the Serra de Tramuntana are a popular destination for those that enjoy sport anhd particularly when combined with natural surroundings.  It also suits those that simply wish to chill and relax in the silence that the 13,000 residents of Sóller enjoy everyday.

There is the famous wooden electric train that connects Palma centre with Sóller which dates from 1912 and which today is preserved in its original state and condition.

A walk through the town of Sóller is a fascinating experience.  There are houses which originated in the 14th century and numerous old buildings that have been wonderfully reformed.  Especially outstanding is the parish church of San Bartolomé on the Plaza de la Constitucion. Also impressive is the bank of Ca’n Prunera on Carrer de sa Lluna and many of the buildings on the Gran Vía are worthy of note.

Soller, top visit in the north

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