El Templo del Cabello in Cala Millor

El Templo del Cabello – Your Top Styling Team in the north-east of Majorca!

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El Templo del Cabello in Cala Millor


Talaiots Ses Paises near Artà

Thousands of years ago, the landscape of Mallorca was made up of a single forest of oak trees. There are no written records so nobody knows who lived on the island at that time.The only proof that there were living creatures on the island is the excavated remains of dwarf goats. At some point, the human inhabitants of the island began to build houses and pile up giant stones to make constructions that the archaeologists call talaiots.

It is unknown whether the inhabitants lived in them or if they were only places of an unknown cult. Perhaps they were large burial places for dead relatives. The history of talaiots cannot be deciphered through hieroglyphs, as it can with Egypt pyramids built around the same period.

History continued on its way, but the stones remained. It is impossible to imagine how such blocks of stone could be transported in a period when there were no axes, wheels or other tools. What great and small events happened around them during the many centuries when they remained silent and still? Did they witness the moment when an Arab princess kissed a Saracen prince? Did the pirates hide behind them when they were looking for the plunder in the nearby Artá? When we look at the talaiots we do not find any answers. They are mysterious places and everybody still has their own questions about them

Llevant, Mallorca´s East Coast

Llevant is located in the Northeast of the island of Mallorca and has a wonderful mixture of endless beaches and idyllic coves together with towns like Manacor, Capdepera, Son Servera and Sant Llorenç. The region is known for its variety on offer: many hotels are targeted to both families, sports enthusiasts and golfers.

We begin our journey in northern Capdepera, where we find a beautiful landscape, high quality Majorcan golf courses and a great view. From there we go to Sant Llorenc and Son Servera and a few miles away rises the fortress of Canyamel, which, according to some historians, was built during the period of Arab rule over the island.

Slightly further south is the family paradise Cala Millor, which belongs to the municipalities of Sant Llorenç and Son Servera it constitutes a commercial oasis for young adults and families.

One of the most beautiful parts of the region is the tower from the seventeenth century, from which you can see up to Porto Cristo on a clear day.

When talking about Llevant you can not avoid talking about the city of furniture, Manacor. A cultural symbol of this city is the Enagistes Tower, next to the imposing church in the centre of the town, which is a singular example of pre-seventeenth century elegant Mallorcan architecture.

The more we move towards the south, everything becomes calmer and more natural and there are more beaches and bays.

In short, the coast of Llevant shows its visitors a beautiful part of Mallorca, offering multiple ways for a relaxing stay.

Llevant, Mallorca´s East Coast