Puerto Portals, the VIP Port

Puerto Portals was born in 1932 on the table of an artist. The difference it has with natural ports is that it is not used for the loading and unloading of merchandise and therefore for that reason not considered a doorway to other continents, it is rather a gateway to another world: the world of the rich and beautiful, of splendor and pomp.

The yachts that lie at anchor here have above all one thing in common, they are expensive jewels that state that here in this famous place one can step onto the ladder of high society.

You do not have to be the King to eat in the port, though its possible to see one! King Juan Carlos and his family often visit here during the summer just like Claudia Schiffer or Antonio Banderas.

This place is very exclusive just like its visitors and ships berths are highly coveted. It’s quite likely that your boat neighbour could be famous…

“That is the neighbourly back door to Tristan. Many people were afraid of entering the restaurant as they thought they would not know how to comport themselves, so we built the bistro here on the corner where we could cook at another level with equally fresh products in a relaxed atmosphere where the guests can accustom themselves to the tastes and atmosphere of the place”

After drinking in the exquisiteness of the port you start to feel hot under the sun its also possible to take a swim in Portals.  The sandy beach of the same name is only two steps away. Whoever gets the perspiration when listing and connecting consuming of the exquisiteness, can take a bath also in postage of portal. The sandy beach is distant for only one cat-jump.  La Dolçe Vita is really here.

On the docks and on the boats things are not so casual. Here everybody that can, proudly show that they are at their leisure. Though the builders of the harbour work hard the place still seems to have the appearance of a Disney movie set, perfection wherever you look.

In a place of High Society there is no lack of quality boutiques.  Exclusive shopping is available at numerous stores.  The garments are designer wear and nothing is factory made.

While people prepare for the nightlife there is silence over the Port and it is now, with the falling dusk that Puerto  Portals shows its most beautiful face.

Puerto Portals, the VIP Port

Llaüt, shipbuilding with tradition

Water-sport – there is nothing better!

The best of these is, of course, your own ship. One type of boat that has been proved for centuries in the Mediterranean Sea – is a “Llaut”! In this feature we´ll see how a typical Llaut is built.

Every boat is a work of art; from the hull and the cabin construction, all the way up to the interior, made by experienced and specialized carpenters, electricians and plumbers. A shower, toilet and wash basin provides self-sufficient sanitation. The owner’s cabin has a double bed, living-room furniture which can be converted into a double bed, cupboards and drawer cupboards – all highly skilled bespoke carpentry work.

When the work is finished, the brand new Llaut goes by low loader to the desired harbour – a big adventure! Not until then can it set sail. The Llaut a ship that closely connects Mallorquin tradition to today’s most modern technology.

Water sports

If you want water sports, Majorca is the right spot for you. Impressions of the different possibilities during mallorquin summer:

· diving
· swimming
· water ski
· sailing
· surfing
· Jet Ski
· Banana
· water wheel
· canoeing

Sailing on Mallorca

A part from all the attractions the islands offer are the beautiful beaches and the glorious sea. It doesn’t matter which part of Majorca you visit, a perfect beach or a wonderful bay for sunbathing, swimming or relaxing is definitely just a few steps away. Therefore Majorca is also heaven for aquatic athletes. There is a range of possibilities from swimming, underwater sport or diving to surfing, water ski, canoe sport and jet ski. The wishes of the visitor are no bounds setted. Whatever sport you choose, the fun is assured.