Tomas Siquier i Fills, factory of floor tiles

Tomas Siquier i Fills is a family business of building material located since over 40 years ago in the locality of Petra. Tomas Siquier Riera founded the business in the year 1965 with great effort. Nowadays the business is managed by his children, continuing the production in the same line of quality, with a new more mechanized production system.

Improving day by day its products and services, the business has managed to consolidate in the sector of the construction material. From floor tiles of brushed and terrazzo, edging tiles of brushed material, basen of shower to manhole cover of brushed and concrete and great variety of artificial stones, as well as blocks, cement, sand, floor tiles of interior and exterior, etc.  All kinds of construction materials with the transportation service added of course.

Without doubt, in Tomas Siquier i Fills in Petra you´ll find all accessories you need.

Tomas Siquier i Fills, factory of floor tiles



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